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Process to 'Apple Pie Float'

-(image 1) The original sketch had super chibi Pinkie which might have worked in the hands of a more competent artist, but somehow Pinkie just looked fugly to me at first. So, BACK TO THE DRAWING BOARD

-(image 2) Ah, MUCH better~ Again, I might have been able to make ‘Chibi’ Pinkie work, but to me, this just looks a lot better with how I drew Big Mac here.

-(image 3) Started the flats to the characters & began painting in the background. Some people ask me when I color if I do BG’s or characters first.

IMO when working digitally you can do either, but in this particular case, I did the BG & THEN the characters so that I could get a sense of the palette for this piece.

-(image 4) Add the shading & a *little* more detail to the BG. To shade, i use the a series of layers dedicated to ‘Multiply’ for shading, and ‘Screen’ for highlights both set commonly to very low opacities.

-(image 5) Add the finishing touches~

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